Galaxy Tab

The most comprehensive guide to Samsung Galaxy Tab. In mobile.

Wanna know more about the hot Galaxy Tab? Wanna shop for Android Tablets for the seasons? You must get this comprehensive guide on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We have orange-to-orange and apple-to-apple comparison of Galaxy Tab and iPad. You will see wide range of Android Tablets products in the market.

We have a dedicated section of most updated and unbiased reviews from professional users.

You will confirm if Galaxy Tab is the most handy device to you.

Weight Loss Guide

Wanna control your weight? This is the ultimate guide of keeping fit and slim. It is going to inspire you by the best exercise, nutrition and diet tips to lose weight.

It is a complete reference of weight loss, healthy food, recipes, calories, supplements, detox, obesity and fitness. You name it, we have it.

Kindle 3G

The most comprehensive guide to Kindle. In mobile.

Ever wonder getting a Kindle? Amazon announced Kindle is the best selling item ever online. Before you go shopping for ebook readers for the very seasons, you must get this comprehensive guide on Kindles.

The app shows you how to search for all the free books for Kindle. Also, there are over 25,000 books selling under $1.

We have detailed comparison of Kindle vs Smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones...) in reading ebooks.

We have a dedicated section of most updated and unbiased reviews from users on the Kindles.

You will confirm if Kindle is the most desirable ebook reader to you.


A mobile color light treatment apps. Tons of skin care tips.

Doing Color Light Therapy on the go.

Top 50 in iPhone. Now FREE in Android.

Skin Treatments - acne, wrinkles, dry skin, sensitive skin, organic facial mask, oily skin, you name it, we have it.

Galaxy S Tips & Tricks

The complete Galaxy S user guide - Official and more...

This is more than a very handy user guide of Samsung Galaxy S.

You can access to all the official functions from Mail, Networks, Social Hubs to configuring the voice recognition function.

We put regularly updated list of tips and tricks of Galaxy S discovered.

You can also see real time chat of Galaxy S users talking about their experience in using this phone.